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Low AMH and IVF

Hi, I'm new to this but was wondering if anyone out there has undergone IVF (successfully) having had poor AMH results? My AMH came back less than 4 and consultant said he wouldn't recommend IVF in those circumstances. My chances of success being between 0 and 6 per cent. He said my next option would be a donor egg - upon researching, I have found to be an absolute minefield. I am 35 and wondered whether anyone has ignored the advice and asked for IVF anyway. Thanks.


  • ny amh was 2.5 at 29 years old. My IVF was successful on attempt number 2.

    10 eggs from first retrieval - only 1 by transfer day 

    7 eggs from second retrival - 1 by transfer day - harry 9 months old :-)

    Good luck 

  • Hi, everyone just registered after readin, up a bit about low amh...
    my amh is 2 i'm  27 years..did one egg rtrvl sadly only managed 7 and none survived  to fertilisation stage.
    am at gr8 clinic, consultant advised concentrating first on egg collection before implantation as of low amh.
    had a cycle break,followup appt and trying again rtrvl hopefully with better egg quality.

    would love to hear from anyone in similar situation,thanks

    p.s att CarolineOct for sure other clinics would happily advise you to YES go for IVF... good luck.

  • Ladies we are looking at ivf. my partners  sperm count teally low and my AMH is 4.2 ao will need aggressive drugs. BUT last year we fell pregnant NATURALLY  against all odds so have faith in ur bodies and not statistics x i ended up havibg a mmc as my baby girl had chromasone abnormalities and other serious health issues but my point is i still fell given my "poorer quality" eggs and partners very low count xxx 
  • Hi ladies, 
    We are also going for IVF starting next month, pretty excited and terrified at the same time... Where are you all based? Are you doing it self funded or NHS?
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