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Help – Need info on IVF

Hello, I want to know as much as possible about IVF, now that my first cycle is starting next month and the injections from the month after. I have faced multiple miscarriages and complications but a few tests show that things are ok. DH’s SA is normal as is all BFN. HSG was clear. I produce about 3-4 eggs in one cycle. What then is stopping me from getting pregnant? If this is so, how can I be sure that IVF will be successful? Can anybody enlighten me on this point please?


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  • Hi,I am really sorry about your situation. I started on IVF a few years back and it worked on my third is a long road ahead but totally worth it. There is lots of information online but make sure you always confirm anything you worry about with your OB and join communities of women who are going through the same thing. Stay hopeful and I wish you well...xx 

  • I had my son with IVF. I struggled with infertility for years. When I went to the doctor, I found I had my tubes obstructed. There was no way to unblocked, so I went into IVF. My IVF was with an embryon donor. For me, it worked the first time. The procedure is a little bit painfull. Sometimes it doesn't work at first try.
    You can choose differents procedures. Your doctor can tell what's the best. They can take the sperm from your husband or use your own eggs. I heard recommendations of being in repose for three days. Not taking hot baths and not stressing myself. I did all this.
    I hope this method works well for you. I wish you the best. Good luck! ... xx

  • Hey Hun, Why would you want to give up if you really want something? I say follow your heart. You want a second baby, have it, however it is. Convince your husband. Yes, if you know that he is not much happy with the first experience and he may feel that another child will bring more distance between you two you may consider his thoughts. You need to find out what is on his mind. May he said this to make excuse in order to stop you form conceiving the next baby too soon. I know someone who was once in similar situation. Somehow how she persuaded her husband for the IVF. I am not sure how magically the clinic explained the process for the couple he did not have those concerns later. He found the treatment very reliable. He was just scared that the treatment might have some complications which might be unhealthy for his wife. <3

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