Hello everyone!

I'm new here.

I've come here to find answers and support. I've been trying to conceive for nearly 5 years, had 5 IVFs, but they all weren't successful. And after the last failed attempt I've been diagnosed with thin endometrium, so I decided that IVF is no longer an option to me. I'm desperate! I really want to have a child! My husband proposed surrogacy, but I just don't know... Did anybody here had this experience? If yes, could you please share your story? I would really appreciate it! Thank you all in advance for your help and your time!!



  • Hi, hun! Currently we're preparing for ivf with donor egg. But with all the failures we faced earlier we did lots of research on surrogacy. And here's the thing to share: 

    The process starts with the initial consultation. It is to be scheduled at least 1 week ahead and contains the following activities. A set of tests depending on the program. Consultation with a fertility specialist who will be in charge of your program (in case of stimulation you will need to have the transvaginal ultrasound check done). Consultation with a manager who will guide you through the program step by step. Signing of contracts. First payment and also you will receive the guidelines - failure to follow these recommendations may affect the initial consultation in a negative way. Another step search and confirmation of a surrogate mother, matching process (waiting time also depends on type of contract). After you sign contracts and make the first payment, the medical team starts the selection process that includes: Initial pre-selection by the local coordinator. Consultation of the fertility specialist. Consultation of a psychologist. Legal consultation and verification of documents. Screening for possible addictions (urine and blood tests).This check-up process, including all necessary tests and exams, takes about 1 month. Then stimulation and synchronisation stage (usually about 2 weeks).The cycle of egg donor or the biological mother is synchronised with the cycle of a surrogate mother. In case of self-treatment or violation of the treatment protocol, the clinic may cancel the cycle and terminate the contract. Fertilisation and embryo transfer.This is when donor’s/biological mother’s eggs are retrieved and fertilised by the sperm of a biological father. After fertilisation the embryo development is monitored by our embryology unit. You are to receive the protocol of embryo cultivation and transfer within 3 working days after the embryo transfer. Then HCG test and pregnancy confirmation.The HCG test takes place 2 weeks after the embryo transfer. The surrogate mother has her test in a clinic. The first ultrasound scan is carried out in 2 weeks after the positive HCG test by the doctor. The report will be send the same or the next day after the check. Pregnancy monitoring. Obtaining of the birth certificate for the baby and exit process. 

    Hope this helps to get some insight. Good luck image

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