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Any feedback for Ivf Hammersmith Hospital?

I have been trying for a baby for 3 years but not lucky yet ,my husband have low sperm ,we are referred to Hammersmith hospital we have sign the letter,, have any one experience with ivf in Hammersmith hospital and how long take to have a answer back from them ?

Thanks in advance. 


  • Hey Blera,

    I was refereed to hammersmith hospital last january from the whittington in north london and heard back from hammersmith a month later. From that point it was pretty much a go.

    I had a great experience with them and luckily i got pregnant on my second cycle.

    I am writing about my experiences on my blog:

    Please go and have a look if you feel it will be helpful. i am happy to answer any of your questions!

    Best of luck dear 

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