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Just starting IVF

Hi All, 

been TTC for 3 years now and just started my 1st round of IVF anyone else just starting their journe? 


  • Hi there, we have our first appointment today - very nervous. Been ttc for what feels like forever. Trying not to get my hopes up. Have you started your treatment?

  • Good luck! 

    I started my injections on Sunday have my first scan on Friday to see how my body is responding. 

  • Hi @LizzyP2 and @SJL16

    I also started my first round of IVF at the same time as you and am currently waiting to see how many eggs have made it to freezing. I need to get PGD testing done as I have a chromosome issue (fragile X) I only retrieved 4 eggs, 3 fertilised and now 2 have just been biopsied and frozen for PGD testing. Still waiting for a call tomorrow to see if my 3rd egg will make it so I can get it biopsied and frozen too. 

    I would absolutely love to know how you are both going? 

    Wishing you all the best and hoping you are staying kind to yourselves during this crazy roller coaster ride. 

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