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IVF & PGD Testing

Hi! I am currently on my first IVF cycle/PGD testing at the moment. Last week I retrieved 4 eggs at the egg retrieval and was pretty disheartened. However if anyone has had a low egg count, I hope I can give you some hope by saying I have 2, potentially 3 eggs that can be PGD tested (I am still waiting for a call tomorrow to see if my third egg will make it overnight to day 6 as it was developing a little slower than the rest..) 

Has anyone gone through PGD testing, currently on a cycle or about to start? I have a chromosome issue (Fragile X) and just wanted to start a group where I can offer and find support for people going through IVF/PGD. I'm really not looking forward to the dreaded 3-4 week wait to get PGD results back so any positive stories/advice you could share would also be appreciated!! 

Also, any advice on fertility diets as I (hopefully) prepare my body for an embryo transfer would be fantastic. 

Sending all the positivity and hope you feel encouraged and not alone. 

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