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Questions for follow up/complaint after clinic messed up my cycle

Apologies for the long post.

Im 34. I have PCOS but have always been a good responder with good egg maturity and fertilization rate

To make a long story short, there was numerous occasions during this cycle of miscommunication. 
I responded quickly this time around and on day 7 of stims, the nurse measured my follicles and said i was ready for Egg collection, there was 5-6 follies measuring at 18mm, the rest were lower at 12-1mm, i was very shocked and my gut said it was too early
Subsequently, on coming round on wednesday, i was told that i only got 12 eggs. The doctor told me i have over 70 follicles and that she had never seen so many in her whole career and had they stimmed me for longer, they would have got too many eggs. Surely this is proof they over stimmed me and i over responded?

Anyway, i get the call the next day that only 2 out of my 12 eggs were mature and none fertilized. Game over.
This has NEVER happened to me. Ive always had good maturity and fertilization rate

The embryologist told me my husbands frozen sperm was good quality and it was definitely a problem with my eggs. She said that something had gone wrong here but wouldnt comment how, or what... but we both knew. She said how surprised they all were of the amount of eggs i got considering the amount of follicles i had.

The nurse confirmed a few days later that my estradiol level was at 11000 and for EC they like it to be below 18000

I think its pretty obvious they triggered me way too early and subsequently, ruined any chance of getting to tranfer, let alone getting a BFP. 
They should have either cancelled my cycle or let me continue stimming, coasted me then did a freeze all cycle to reduce the risk of OHSS. Im very certain of this. Im certain they should have done EC on the friday, rather than the weds.

I have my review on Weds and i want to go in prepared as i want my money back due to clinical error.

Here are the questions in brief..
1) why only 12 eggs collected when i had 40 follies on scan

2) why were only 2 mature, what does this suggest?

3) consultant said there was over 70 follies, all too small, why was EC considered in this case?

4) only 5-6 of follies were at 18mm, the rest smaller, why wasnt EC planned for friday to give the MAJORITY of the follies a chance to catch up. Considering you can still get a good quality egg at 22-24mm?

5) nurse said my bloods were at 11000, but for EC you like them to be 18000 or under, again, why couldnt you have continued to stim for another 2 days to allow catch up and maturity based on my bloods?

6) was i over responding? If so, why was this cycle not cancelled?

7) why wasnt EC not considered for friday, with a view of coasting if required?

image why wasnt a freeze all cycle considered to minimise OHSS?

9) why was my dose lowered on the day of the trigger shot?

Is there anything i havent covered or asked?

Ive researching the poop out of this but obviously, finding it hard to find anything that mimics my situation. But things are pointing towards early EC.

If there is anyone here that has time on their hands that is a dab hand at finding stuff out, could you have a look into this please..... im pretty desperate, we only had this one shot at this 😓 

Thanks for reading



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