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Hi All!

So me and my partner have come to the realization that IVF may be on the cards for us. I have seen a lot of people here comment on going abroad for treatment as its a lot cheaper. Does anyone have any advice?
any clinics or places specifically?

Thank you lovelies :)


  • How cheaper is ivf abroad? can you give me an estimate on the costs?
  • Hi @EdwardsSarah996
    i have no experience myself - i have only looked into one clinic in Cyprus who quoted around £4000. That's kind of why i have made this post to gain more info.
    When I've googled it says the following but not sure how accurate that is - 

    These countries, ranked by the cost of a single cycle of IVF treatment, include:
    • Ukraine £1150.
    • Turkey £1250.
    • Lithuania £1275.
    • Hungary £1500.
    • Czech Republic £1900.
    • Greece £2500.
    • Spain £3,500.
  • Oh wow what is that affordable clinic you're talking about?
  • Hi @x-Alice-x how are you doing?  Have you decided already?  We're going in September 27 - finally have a date!

    @EdwardsSarah996 what type of IVF are you eyeing?  Do you know?  I'm getting a donor sperm and the treatment costs 4000 euros.  But if it's other types like egg donation or embryo donation - the costs are different.  Just visit them through the link Alice gave you and you can ask them directly.  

  • x-Alice-xx-Alice-x Regular
    edited Aug 27, 2019 11:30AM
    @VanGn congratulations on your decision! i'm so pleased for you and really hope it all goes well for you! are you using Dunyivf in Cyprus?! what kind of IVF have you gone for? how many cycles do you get? how much was it?! are you taking two trips??
     sooo many questions!!! im so excited for you!!!! :p
  • Yes!  I'm going to Dunya.  I'm having sperm donation and the treatment is 4000 euros.  Most likely I will be taking two trips but it will all depend on my eggs haha!  I'm using my own eggs hopefully.
  • Wow that's great news! Please keep us updated on how it goes for you! x
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