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Fertility clinic referral help!

Hi all, 

Myself and my partner have been referred to fertility clinic (NHS). I have had blood test and scan already and partner has had a semen analysis (normal result).
I was just wondering if there someone who has gone through this recently so I can get an idea of waiting times? What was the wait between referral, getting your letter and first appointment?

Also what happens during the first appointment? I have irregular cycles (currently CD126 with no ovulation yet). Would they induce a period and prescribe medication on the first visit?

Thanks in advance :) 


  • Morning! I'm just back from my first appt with Gynae. It took 12 weeks from GP referral to get an appointment which was then 4 weeks away, so prepare yourself! Although it does go quickly and I guess they just want you to keep trying naturally. My OH has also had sperm analysis done and all good there. They just go over your cycle and any history. Booked in for bloods next week and then ultrasound from there to check egg reserves and then onto an xray with dye to check tubes aren't blocked. If all fine from there we'll get 4 rounds of IUI and if still unsuccesful onto IVF. This is in Scotland so maybe different dependent on location!
  • Thank you for your response :) I've just sent off our questionnaire that they sent out so am just waiting for an appointment now :) I'm excited and nervous all at once, been TTC for three years and want nothing more than to be holding my child! Good ick to you too I hope it all goes well c
  • We're about 2.5 years so feel your pain! Great to get started though and we've had a very positive experience so far, so fingers crossed for you! Got a cancellation for today for ultrasound to check egg reserves and results in a week so hopefully it'll be quicker than you think! It's totally fine too! Let me know when you hear xx
  • We had a cancellation offer in Friday and have our first appointment tomorrow so very excited for that :) glad it's all positive for you :) 
  • Brilliant news!! ❤️
  • Hi how did your appointment go
  • Yeh good thanks :) formal diagnosis of Pcos (go read the blood results wrong in July and said there was no way I had it) currently taking norethisterone to induce a period should start bleeding Thursday or Friday and have started metformin to increase to 2000mg over the next couple of weeks, getting scanned in CD 10-12 to see if I'm about to vulgate if not then a trigger shot all being well :) 
  • @Nikkib113 at least there's a diagnosis and you can start treatment! Fingers crossed for you! Xx
  • Hi Girls, I hope you don't mind me joining as we also went through fertility investigations, we have borderline reduced motility and got referred for IVF. Also based in Scotland so we are eligible for 3full rounds of IVF, can't wait to start already. Had 3 unsuccessful IUI's. 
    We had our bloods taken last Monday and are now waiting for the results to come back, then they will send the meds and I can start down regulating when my period comes. Worried Christmas will delay our schedule, but hoping for the best. :)
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