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Stim day 7, low e2 levels? November IVF

Quick back story: DH oncology patient. Preserved sperm in 2017. I checked out fine. IUI #1 June of 2019 (letrozole+ovidrel) BFN. IUI #2 same protocol, same outcome. IVF cycle started this month. Birth control for most of October. 

November 1: stim day 1. W/ 75 minopur, 125 follistim 

stim day 4: e2 only 90
upped Follistim to 200

stim day 5: e2 186
no measurable follicles but 12-13 visible 

Stim day 7 (today): 6 follicles measured 8mm-12mm with some others small. Kept folistim at 200. E2 is only 499. 

My nurse doesn’t seem too concerned but she did say that she doubts I can go with my original ET day (next Tuesday) and I will need more time. 

Am i worrying too much about numbers? Has anyone else had these low estrogen numbers this far in? 
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