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Is there anyone suffering of endometriosis stage 4 who got pregnant through IVF?


  • Hi Gabex,

    i have stage 4 endo and going through ivf at the moment. Had my egg collection yesterday xx
  • Hi Patia, Thank you for your reply,  I am waiting to be contacted by the Assisted Conception Unit to discuss the next steps. I wish you the best of luck! 🤗
  • Hi Gabex, 
    how are you doing? hope you managed to get some appointments sorted by now xx
  • Hi Patia,
    I am fine, thank you! How are you doing?
    I had the embryo transfer last Sunday on 23rd. Now we are waiting for the pregnancy test on 5th September. Let's hope will be positive xx
  • i’m doing okay, thank you! i had mine 17th August, tomorrow is my testing day . a bit anxious as i don’t know what result to expect after the first one that failed xx
  • Hi Patia,
    Best of luck! I am thinking of you xx
  • Thank you! i am keeping my fingers crossed for you too! Xx
  • Thank you 😊 xx
  • Hi Patia! 
    I hope you have good news. It seems that mine didn't work, as my period started in the morning 😪
  • Hey Gabex, 
    mine FET hasn’t worked either. i had spotting with the fresh transfer from 10dpo leading to a full flow before my testing date too. It’s so disheartening!
    i will be now waiting for my 2nd full cycle! Do you have any frozen embryos/ blastocysts left ? Xxx
  • Hi Patia,
    I am so sorry to hear this. Unfortunately I do not have any frozen. I responded very slow to the treatment, they collected 5 eggs and only 2 were fertilised, so we transferred both embryos on day 3. xxx 
  • Gabex , 
    im so sorry to hear that! i had 2 transferred the very first time too.
    Dont give up just yet!
    they say it’s quality not quantity that matters! let’s both focus on improving our eggs before the next cycle comes xxx
  • Thank you Patia xxx
  • Hey lovely,
    how are you? have you been successful? i really hope so xx
  • Hi Patia,
    I am fine, thank you.  I hope you are well too.
    We tried second time last October,  but unfortunately it didn't work. I ovulated before the egg collection.
    At the moment I am not trying anymore. Maybe after this pandemic ends, we will try again xx

  • Gabex, i’m so sorry. IVF is so tricky. So many things have to fall in place at the same time in order for it to work, in any case. It will happen for you , i’m sure of that Xxx
  • Thank you Patia 🤗
  • Hi ladies, I hope IVF worked out for you. From what I read in iyoni app blog IVF is the best way to get pregnant for ladies with endo. However, the second step to your success is to find the right clinic and docs. During your visits, ask them about their experiences in treatment of ladies of your age and endo, what results they get and how long it took them to get pregnant. Hope this helps. Good luck on your journey.
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