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Pre IVF tips anyone?

Ladies, please help!
Any particular tips that would help boosting my chances of conceiving?

I don't smoke and drink very little, my BMI is 23.8 and I have limited fast food to once a week.

Of course I can do better but I was wondering, do you ladies have things that you have tried and felt a difference?  


  • Have you recently had a blood work done, to check your nutrients levels if you have any deficiencies? Doctors usually recommend floic acid, as well as vitamin d, but if you want to be sure if and what you're missing, go get a blood work done. 
  • Hi @Thehappyvet when are you due to start IVF? 

     I suggest taking your usual pre conception vitamin, extra vitamin D and Ubiquinol. The usual stuff like no drinking and eating healthy also help.

    If you are looking for a diet to follow the Mediterranean diet has some good results in the research. 

    Another thing you can try is acupuncture as again there is some research to say this helps.  

    Also let's not forget the male part. Got your partner/husband to stop any hot baths, smoking, drinking and eat healthily. Supplements recommended for him is Wellman conception and Ubiquinol will help. 

    Good luck. Feel free to ask any questions of needed. 
  • @Bundaberg and @sas1101 thank you so much for your responses! 
    I have done blood tests and they came back normal. I'm also doing mediterranean diet and acupuncture, which has helped a lot with my stress. But I didn't know about Ubiquinol, I'll ask my doctor if he advises to take it. 
    Thank you again for your time!  <3
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