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IVF Clinic Stories

Hey, ladies.
As I am soon starting on my IVF journey I was wondering if you could share some stories from your clinics (no need to mention names). Good or bad, I'd like to share your experience.


  • Im new here and also a bit late to reply, but wanted to share: I did my first IVF through NHS, no luck. Everything took ages and so I researched clinics abroad. I finally went with Praga Medica in Prague, Czech Republic. Im not sure if we were lucky, but everything went so smoothly over there. All the staff was helpful and doctors spoke good English. We stayed 10 days in Prague, had all scans there. I cannot thank them enough, we are expecting :-)
  • @EllyFog2liU4 Thank you for sharing your experience! <3
    How come this clinic is operating? I was under the impression that most clinics are closed due to the pandemic for security reasons.
  • Thehappyvet Yes, they are open! They operate like other hospitals. When going to Prague, one must have a negative covid test, so I guess they are not so concerned about the spread from the visitors. They wear masks everywhere and when I was at the clinic, it seemed to me that they are scheduling patients in longer time slots, so one does not meet many people. I could see they keep the place clean and desinfect the handles, etc. 
    How about you, Have you started your IVF journey yet?

  • Sounds really good! No, I haven't had mine yet as my clinic does not operate at the moment. I think it varies also according to the country, some countries have more strict measures than others. (I am having my IVF in Dunya IVF in Cyprus so I guess it's also a matter of national policy for them to pause the operations)

  • Thehappyvet I guess you are right about each country implementing different policy. I hope you will be able to start soon though. Fingers crossed!

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