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Pregnancy test help

Hi everyone,

im currently on my 3rd letrozole and 2nd trigger shot cycle. My period was due monday and it hasn’t come yet. My cycles have always been 26 days and I’ve not ever been 1 day late ever. My ovulation was tracked and there was 5 eggs and on the day of the trigger shot there was 2 huge eggs measuring 29 & 25mm. I’ve taken a test last night and this morning and both have shown up negative ? Should I wait a few days to take another one or should I just get blood work done ? Thanks guys 


  • hi Melly,
    I would wait a couple of days and do the test again.
    how many dpo are you?
  • Hi Ash,
    thanks for answering I am 14 days today past ovulation.
  • Just give it a couple of days.
    If you are pregnant, HCG just needs to be high enough to be detected in your urine.
    There is no rush to spend money on blood test, though I understand your desire to know asap😅
    I am in tww myself after embryo transfer, and it’s unclear yet on the test, if it’s trigger shot residue or real bfp.

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