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Anyone Got Important Dates?

Hi girls

Since all of this treatment lark is so date driven I just wondered if anyone had any appointments / important dates coming up? I've popped down the dates for our first IUI cycle so if anyone wants to add their dates (or I'll add them in) we can use this as a PMA, cheering each other on calendar!

Here is the date calendar so far...

27th April - Daisy Girl - IUI follicle scan (to check there are enough / not too many / right size)
28th April - Fairy20 - First Prostap Injection to down regulate ovaries
30th April - Daisy Girl - insemination
7th May - mrssmith69 - planning appointment
7th May - Daisy Girl - blood test to check if ovulated
8th May - JCB - IVF egg collection
9th May - Fairy20 - Providing AF arrived Scan + Blood Test and First Puregon Injection
10th - 20th May - Fairy20 - Puregon Injections at Home
11th May - JCB - Hopefully IVF embryo transfer
13th May - Fairy20 - Ultrasound Scan to check on Ovaries
14th May onwards - Daisy Girl - BFP / BFN / AF / POAS / POAS / POAS!!!
16th May - Fairy20 - Ultrasound Scan to check on Ovaries
18th May - Fairy20 - Ultrasound Scan to check on Ovaries
20th May - mrssmith69 - start Norethisterone tablets for 7 days
21st May - Fairy20 - Scan + Pregnyl Injection (Providing Follicles are correct size)
22nd May - mrssmith69 - start Nasal spray
23rd May - Fairy20 - Possible Egg Collection
25th - 30th May - Fairy20 - Possible Embryo Transfer
30th May onwards - Fairy20 - the dreaded 2ww!
2nd June - mrssmith69 - blood test
5th June - mrssmith69 - start injections
12th June - mrssmith69 - first scan to see how developing
22nd June - mrssmith69 - poss egg collection
25th/26th June - mrssmith69 - poss embryo transfer

Lots of luck to everyone.


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  • Hi Daisy Girl.

    This is such a great idea!!

    I'm about to start my first cycle of ICSI and have my dates, providing AF arrives on time!!!

    28th April - First Prostap Injection to down regulate ovaries
    9th May - Providing i AF arrived Scan + Blood Test and First Puregon Injection
    10th - 20th May - Puregon Injections at Home
    13th/16th/18th May - Ultrasound Scan to check on Ovaries
    21st May - Scan + Pregnyl Injection (Providing Follicles are correct size)
    23rd May - Possible Egg Collection
    25th - 30th May - Possible Embryo Transfer
    And then the dreaded 2ww!

    I just need to keep my fingers crossed AF arrives as she has been being a bit irregular since we found out we need ICSI, so everyone not wanting her to show please send her my way image

  • we have planning appointment 7th May so fingers crossed dates will be added shortly
  • Oooh, lots of luck Fairy and Mrs Smith. I'll edit the first post and put a list together, so we can see what's happening in date order as people add their dates.

  • Good luck for today DG hope all goes well xxxx
  • on down regulation (yuck) but will add dates when AF comes ....and will know when scan and possible embryo transfer occurs

    Good luck daisy let us know how you get on
  • Good luck Daisy!

    Let us know how it went.....

  • Hi girls

    Thank you for your messages. It went really well :\) :\) :\) I was actually v nervous, worried I wouldn't have produced any follicles, or there would be loads too many. My first ever internal scan - that's all a bit weird isn't it! The nurse was lovely though and showed me all the time on the screen what she was looking at. I apparently have one follicle of just the right size and another that might come in to play depending on when I ovulate. My womb lining is fine too, so now I'm POAS to detect the LH surge for ovulation and as soon as I get that, we're off for the insemination!

    I'm finding it really hard not to get very excited! Having seen the follicles, knowing dh's swimmers are good and knowing we should be able to go ahead this month I can't see how it won't work, but then I remember the 10% success rate of IUI and remind myself to be realistic. Whatever happens I guess well have a better chance than usual and we're doing lots of diy insemination too (if you know what I mean ;\) ) to maximise chances!

    Lots and lots of luck to everyone with upcoming appointments. JJ looking forward to adding yours to the list :\)

  • Hi Girls!

    I haven't been on in a while, we have been ttc since jan 08 and have found out dh has abnormal sperm, we had a failed icsi cycle this month. They only got 3 eggs and only 1 fertilised, which then only made it to 4 cells and stopped dividing. We have had our review appointment, apparently they were over cautious with the dosages of the drugs (250 puregon plus sniffer for down regging and luverin (fsh for womb lining)) coz of my age (33). They don't think there's any problem with my eggs or anything like that, they are going to increase my dosage of puregon next time (to 350) and also cut out the sniffer and the luverin altogether (luverin can give you grainy eggs apparently, which I had) so it will be an antagonist cycle instead. We have confirmed our new dates and the main ones are the down reg scan on 30 July and egg collection on 12 August:

    Lucille - age 33, MFI, Scan 30 July, EC 12 August

    Lucille XX
  • Lucille-I'm so sorry to hear your news, you must be devastated. Good news though that you have your new dates to look forward to, and that they know how to alter your treatment for next time.
    Wishing you lots of luck for next time, and enjoy alcohol and all the other forbidden things til then.

    Take care,
  • Lucille I'm so sorry to hear about your treatment, it must have been very hard to get that far and not be able to go ahead. As JCB says though, they will have a much better idea of how to treat you now, so the next time is bound to work!

  • Thanks Girls!
    Lets hope the next cycle is successful for all of us!!
    Lucille XX
  • Hi girls

    I've added a few more girls dates - lots going on in the next couple of weeks. Good luck everyone!

  • how u doing mrs r u gonna wait until tomorrow to test
  • I'm holding out - trying to be strong! Probably a bad idea and keep changing my mind. Might test tomorrow but don't want to burst the bubble - on the other hand the waiting is driving me mad!!!

  • Aww, daisygirl, thinking of you! I NEVER test anymore (same reason as you, can't bear to see a BFN and would rather see AF...) BUT I think if I were you I would go for it this time lol! Good luck babe. xx
  • Dasiy, your sooo good, i would be poas by now, i know i hate the bfn too but i am so impatient, usually start about 4 days before af due and do 1 a day, until af and then cos ive got pcos i dont always have a af so this can carry on up to a week when i tell myself stop being so silly!

    Anyway enough of my babbling, good luck for tomorrow,

    Gem x
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