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This is for all of you embarking on IVF for the 1st time or beyond! I want to share my experience with you as I have finally had success! this is after 5 IVF attempts and I am currently just over 7 weeks pregnant (had my scan on 07/05) and such a relief to see that little heart flickering away.
The only difference this time was that I found a fantastic reflexologist who also did hypnotherapy! I was more positive and relaxed and am confident that it did the trick!
They do day that the smoother the embryo transfer the higher chance of success
My journey started back in 1996! and I tried the lot, clomid, tamoxifen, ovulation induction, iui! but without success!
Reflexology and hypnotherapy has certainly worked for me!
Just wanted to share this with you all as it may be something that could work for you!
Never give up hope x


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