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Some Good News

Hi Ladies,

Hope you are well,

I've actually had some news that has changed my situation slightly. My husband recently went for another test and his results came back much improved, well within the normal limits. Obviously I am over the moon, it is the first bit of good news we have had in months and months.

For those who are interested

His count went from 7ml to 63ml
and morph went from 98% abnormal to 84% abnormal
mot went from 40 to 48 motile.

The doc's said the first test could have been dodgy due to his performance (having to do the deed in hosp), but also DH has quit alcohol and has lost 10lb and had been taking zinc and multi vit's as well as eating loads of brazil nuts to boost selinium (or something like that!)

I am so pleased, as we were told ICSI was our only option. I know that IVF may still be needed due to my dodgy tubes but i feel like i have a little ray of hope now. They have agreed now to finally check my tubes again and then if they are clear they will prescribe me clomid. :\) So at last i have a plan!

I know its a small step and I truely hope that you dont mind me coming on here but im sure you will all understand how huge this is for me. I know my hopes could be crushed again after my tests but i have got my fingers crossed and am trying to keep some pma.

Thanks for letting me share, I'll keep you updated,

Love Gem x


  • Hi Gem

    I saw this title post from the main page and was really hoping you were the author!

    I am SO happy for you image

    That is truly fantastic news and has made me grin!

    You deserve some good news for once and I just hope that all goes well with your tube test and that you can have the Clomid.

    Keep that PMA up and let me know how you get on.

    I am over the moon for you :\) :\) :\)

    Love NN xxx

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  • oh thanks Nik, you are so sweet...

    I've been reading all your posts, and have got all my fingers crossed for you. Infact my sister who also log's on here occassionally phoned me tonight and mentioned that she had seen that you were pregnant and what good news that was... you are becoming a celeb!

    I will definataly keep you updated, Thanks for posting lovely lady.

    Gem x

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