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I hope you don't mind me asking this but I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of how much private IVF costs?

I've been told I don't qualify for NHS funding as my 2nd FSH blood test came back over the PCT level, which apparently is a little stingy in Surrey.

I've had a look on BUPA etc but it doesn't give you much of an idea.



  • This is a clinic based in Colchester who I have heard are very good, their website might give you more of a ballpark idea.
  • isis is the clinic we have decided to go through, have our first appoinment there in september. they have a price list on there website. staff are very friendly, we went on an open day visit there some time ago and just today decided to book our official initial appointment
    lougla am glad you have heard good things, so far i know no one who has been here and its good to hear this.
    good luck babyhope! xxxx
  • Isis is where I'd have been going if the NHS hadn't for some inexplicable reason taken their NHS contract away and decided it'd be a much better idea for Colchester mums-to-be to go to say Oxford or Leicester when a brilliant clinic was right there, doh ... If we go private (going to persevere with the NHS unless they tell us the waiting lists are hideous) then Isis is where we will be going.

    As a matter of interest lolsieG, what is your waiting time? Are you starting IVF in September or is that your first consultation appointment?
  • We are starting our first cycle of IVF at Glasgow Private Clinic. The cost is ??2700 plus about ??850 for the drug package. They have one of the best results in the country. Nervous but looking forward to it. Good Luck!
  • we are going down the egg sharing route. initial consultantion in september. followed by blood tests to see if i can be a donor. not sure how long we have to wait after that. i think i would then have to wait for a match. we are hoping to have to wait a while in order to save the money we will need for the icsi side of it.
    i am too young to have it on the nhs at the moment!! even though hubby is 30 and have been married two years and it is him with the problem - madness! sorry rant over!
    hope info helps lougla! if for what ever reason i cant be a donor we will have to continue to wait for nhs (2 years time + whatever waiting time there is)
    we went to an open day at isis and they told us about nhs no longer funding there its crazy, they have great sucsess figurs on there website and its rediculious for the nhs to put more pressure on couples making them travel all that way! plus the cost of the travel! as if it isnt emotional and phyicaly draining enough!
    they dont have a clue! xxxx
  • Thanks girls for your replies....

    I have since had an appointment at BUPA and they were really great, costs for IVF are ??3100 + drugs so another ??1000 or so.

    Silly question but what kind of success has there been with the ladies who have had IVF????

  • Hi There!

    I can tell you about my story.

    I have had 3 fresh cycles of IVF and was lucky enough to get 2 BFPs but sadly lost both babies.

    I have recently had my frozen embryos transferred and I am now 13 weeks pregnant.

    The success rates vary. My friend who is 36 was lucky enough to fall pregnant with her first cycle and she now has a gorgeous 3 month old boy.

    Good Luck. xx
  • Hi Buckoblue and Mrs Amanda.

    Thanks do much for sharing your stories, they really do give me some hope.

    Could I ask did anyone of you have an AMH (Anti Mullerian Hormone) test prior to your IVF??

  • Hi,

    We run a service which could be of help to you. Our company, Amara Healthcare, specializes in IVF treatment in India. We are tied up with some of the country's highest recognized institutions and prices start from ??2,999 for the entire treatment including the medications.

    Get in touch with our advisors and let us give you a few more options.

    Email: [email protected]

    Ph: 0203 086 8880
  • My ivf was 2,400 and then drugs on top came to around 1000, I had ivf with mr steer at chelsfield hospital bmi I think!! And it's so far been successful I'm 11 weeks todayimage xxx good luckx
  • ive just had my consultation with the ivf specialist yesterday. he said we'd need isis!... to be honest i am absolutley terrified, i have lost 3 babies prior (natural conception), and really finding it hard to get my head around 'what if the isis doesnt work for us'? .... has anyone got any help, advice, experiences of this?? .... Thanks Claire x

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