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Feeling Down

Well what i a day i have had we have just paid ??1000 to get my Audi back on the road with a new engine which it should never of neaded in the first place as is not old but that is a big story andway have started pills etc for doen reg and way praying that it would go through a MOT today as i have been driving round in an old Micra for the past 6 months and i do 2000 miles a month so not good and was so excited then it faied and i just could not contain myself i have been crying for about 3 hours on and off and i no its the drugs aswell but we have had just such alot of bad luck over the last couple of years and then we find out need ICSI and i'm struggling to cope with it all and am feeling like i'm losing the plot!

Why can't things go my way for a bit i'm a nice erson i would do anything for any one and am not selfish so why does this happen to me and hubby we are good people x


  • aw chick I'm so sorry I wasn't on before now, I know what you mean I have said the same thing myself LOl i am law obiding (most of the time, might have pee'd in public when a bit drunk, obv in a bush but still an offense!) I am very unselfish, an ear to many people when they need it yet I seem to get shit on a lot.

    You are not loosing the plot you are having to supress a million emotions, some times its hard even getting through work when all you can think of is why your not pg. my heart goes out to you andhope you are feeling a bit better since your post, I'm sedning you a massive big hug and kiss, loads of love to you xx
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