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pain and discomfort after sweep...

Hello, am new to this! 

Currently 40+3 with my first baby, I had a sweep done yesterday where invasion told my cervix was still posterior. Ever since having the sweep I have been having bad pains down below, an aching cramping pain and have felt really tired and sluggish. Is this normal? Thanks.


  • Hello missy88 - and welcome to MadeForMums!

    Sorry to hear your sweep has left you feeling so uncomfortable. If it's any help, when I had a sweep (many moons ago), I felt pretty much exactly the way you're describing - and went on to have my baby within 48 hours.

    Hopefully, the same will happen to you!

    Wishing you luck with it all. Please do come back and let us know how you're getting on!

  • i had a sweep done a week before I was due and it really was the sorest pain I've experienced Infact after it I had to lay in bed for a while as I was in so much pain. i had a show a few days after it also and then was induced 2 days later so I'm not sure if it done anything for me but it's normal for it to be really sore and also to bleed after it x

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