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First signs you might have been going into labour: what were they for you?

Hi everyone,

We’re really interested to know, what super early signs of labour did you experience? We’re talking about the period that’s almost pre-labour - before contractions start.

Please do come and tell us, what were the first signs that your labour was approaching, by posting a reply to this thread. We'd love to hear all about them.


  • Last time around I went overdue, had a sweep on my due date - nothing.  Then again week later. Walked home with back ache but didn't think much of it until I felt my plug come out (TMI). But overall backache was my main symptom which increased with intensity. Then my waters went and that was the obvious labour sign and when the contractions built up at the front lol.

    I also in the days before labour was really aggitated, had a burst of energy and slept really well the night before. 

    This time I've had back ache due to SPD and I'm aggitated due to the heat so it's hard to tell what's going on.

  • I'm a first time mammy so didn't know what to expect but for me it was like really,REALLY bad period pains...they told me it was Braxton Hicks because it was my due date...but it wasn't!lol x

  • Hey Lady's!

    I had a sweep on the Thursday morning and 3am Saturday morning my waters went. that was the only sign I had before my labour.  They were slowly leaking all morning (I carried my day on as normal) and by 4pm Saturday evening the contraction began. (Lightly to begin with and by 7pm were intense!)

    good luck my lovelys, best feeling in the world🍀

  • I started to lose my mucus plug so I knew labour was on its way. I'd had a sweep and a few tightnings after that And then all went quiet, later that night I woke up with this really strange feeling across my back! Took me 3 of them to realise they were contractions!! Anyhoo that was Thursday and this continued on and off until Sunday morning when I went to get checked out at the hospital and little man was born at 7:12 on Sunday night!! I was desperate to have some proper signs of labour and didn't have many really! 

  • first pregnancy my waters started leaking at 34 weeks and I woke up to a bloody show. 1 days later i started having contractions and then 2 days later she was here 😍image

    2nd pregnancy - stretch and sweep at 40 weeks and then my waters broke 45 hours later. Went into labour later on that night 


  • With my first it was my waters breaking, second was contractions and third was waters breaking. But no other signs at all with any. 

  • With my first pregnancy i had my waters broken at 40+2 i was already 2cm dilated but had no labour symptoms 3 1/2 hours later my gorgeous girly was here.

    Second time around i had a sweep at 39+7 i had no symptoms prior to sweep. Went to bed that night still nothing, i woke up around 430 with period cramping/uncomfortable with my hips and then by 645 my son had arrived. Both very different experiences though it seems i dont get many signs anything is about to happen :-) 

    Im a little concerned number 3 could be quicker but i have a fair wait to find out :-) x

  • This was my first, didn't know what to expect. Waters did go until I was in the pool pushing her out. I thought contractions were regular and painful enough. Went into hospital twice to be sent home again as was only 2cm dialated. 

    When the contractions proper kicked in - my word. The pain was intense I struggled sitting down as all the pressure was in my butt. Turned out she was back to back. Just very painful regular contractions. Went to hospital to be told I was 5 cm dialated. 

    Here she is, one week old and 1day..



  • I am a first time mommy.i had done my ante natale classes but still wasnt sure what to  expect. i was 38weeks and had my last day of work before my maternity leave started so i went to bed the tuesday night at around 23h00. By 1am my cat who had kittens a week before that kept bring her kittens to me in my bed. Annoyed as i was just falling asleep in a comfortable position and now needed to wee again. I went to the bathroom did my business and as i bent  forward to pull my pants up i felt a gush.... and i thought... grrr that extra bit of wee left in the bladderimage waited til it was finished but... it wasnt i then figured my water just broke. wasnt stressed as i knew only when contractions come and i could feel them often i would go to the hospital. 2 hours later my plug come out. and by 5am my contractions were 50sec long and 5min apart. 

    the contractions stop at around 10am doc told me to walk as baby was still a bit high and only 2cm dilated. by 4pm only 5cm.. doc gave me half a pill to make contractions a bit stronger and by 19h10 my baby girl was born... 

  • I had a few signs

    snotty discharge for about 4 days

    On the Thursday morning had really wet discharge. I actually thought it was my waters.

    Thursday night bad period back.

    On and off very very mild contractions on Friday and Saturday. Increased Saturday night and eary hours went to hospital after 3 baths and bent over in pain To be told I was fully dialated and she came 1 hour 15 minutes after. My contractions were never really regular.

    i really enjoyed the experience I just wish I used less gas and air as some of it is a blur i now understand why people film there labour! 

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