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Clomid Advice Please Ladies x

Hello all, just asking for some advice please. We have been ttc for 3 and a half yrs. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and i have just completed my 1st course of Clomid and i'm a bit miffed as i have been given 3 months supply of clomid and told to come back to see consultant in march if not worked then i ill be given 3 more months and have folicles tracked etc but after reading a few other ladies in same situ that they are having folicles tracked etc now (in first 3 months) so should i be having this done now?? should i maybe say something to consultant secutary? sorry for babbling on hehe xxx :lol:


  • I don't know in truth. What I do know is that my doctor has offered me three courses of clomid if I'd like to take that option up. After that she will insist that I am then under the watch of a consultant so will refer me. Those three cycles will be without all the 'extras' so to speak. Hope that helps a little?
  • clareycluck - As far as I'm aware the most important time to have follicle tracking is in the first month especially as you can have over stimulation - I am a classic example as I have 5 mature follicles which is obviously a few too many.

    what dose are you on hun? Are you under a clinic or is it just your GP - from speaking to one of the ladies on here who works in a fertility clinic it is imperative that you are tracked for the first month then the subsequent two if possible. I would definitely be getting a second opion.

  • Sorry about late reply.

    I am on 100mg and i am under consultant at hospital.

    I am unsure what to do now as i thought it would be better to track at start as like u say to see how you get on.

    I have completed my first cycle of it now,i am day 26 today so may test over weekend....Fingers crossed.

    Good luck to everybody going through the hard times of treatment xxxxx
  • I didn't have follicle tracking when I was on clomid and wasn't offered it. I think it depends on your hospital. Mine probably didn't as it costs money!x
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