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SA results advise

I have been a bit of a lurker in this forum and have occassionally posted before, but under a different name. Too many people I know now are TTC and my previous name was a bit obvious if they come on here!

Anyway, briefly, I have been TTC for 2 1/2 years with one MC nearly 2 years ago. DH and I have been referred to the fertility clinic and have undergone all the basic tests. Mine have all come back fine, apart from still needing the HSG which will be done this month. DH has done 2 SA and each one has come back with loads of sperm 65m and 85m, but with low motility of 16% and 11% rapidly progressive sperm and morphology of 9%. The total of rapid and slowly progressive sperm is below 50% on both tests. BUT, the consultant was not concerned by these results, said the best test is that we have had a confirmed pregnany before, and that unless there is an issue with my HSG, we will have to wait 3 years from the MC for NHS treatment, which will take us to March 2012. Was a bit surprised as the print out of results clearly states the results are abnormal! So I checked the NICE fertility guidelines and it states if the SA is abnormal - i.e less that 25% motility of rapidly progressive sperm or less than 50% of rapid and slow progressive sperm and less than 15% morphology, then couples are entitled to IUI!

So, I don't know whether to go back and question his expertise, or whether just to wait until March 2012? Perhaps because we have been pregnant before, they don't take the SA results into account? Also, I don't want to keep going on about it to DH as it will probably make him feel a bit crap about it allimage Any advise girls?


  • Your circumstances are very similar to mine except my DH had very poor morphology (0-2%) at times but loads of sperm (max 200 million!!). As the waiting list in our area for IVF was 3 years we are self funding. I also had a MC after 1 year of trying and found that this complicated things but overall as I understand it your time TTC should be that and not counted from after your MC as it was not a successful pg. Nobody has ever questioned that I have now been trying for nearly 3 years.

    I would go back and check on both points after all what have you got to lose? You don't say how old you are but this should also be a factor.

    Good luck xx
  • hi there

    popping over from ivf forum, i would be inclined to go back and question what they said. maybe take a print out to your own gp and ask them what they think, i know our gp would act upon that.when we had our 1st app at clinic we saw a junior doc who wouldnt request a lap and dye even though i had suffered an ectopic pregnancy and i am over 35, i asked to see the consultant and he cleared it straight away. both did say though that they take the length of ttc from your last positive pregnancy test regardless of wether it is viable or not because the sperm and the egg have met and fertilised.

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