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Re: waiting lists and IVF info


I am new to the site and was just wondering how long people had to wait for their first cycle of IVF to start?

Is anyone under the Bromley borough? If so how long have you had to wait for IVF?

I am due back to the specialists in a few weeks and am hopeful that the ball can get rolling!

Thanks x


  • Hi, didn't want to R&R, but not had IVF. Although we have been told if Clomid does not work, we will be put forward for IVF and in our health authority there are no waiting list. We can have 3-6 months of clomid, then try IVf and should be in progress in a matter of months.

    But, I know that some HA's have age restrictions and waiting lists. I hope yours doesn't!

    Hope that gives you some help xx
  • Thank you for your reply x
  • I cant remember the web site but there is one that lists the waiting times! We are unfortunately 22 months wait and not even on the bottom of it. It is a complete post code lottery! Try and google it I will have wee search and see! Just cant remember it it opens like a pdf document.
  • Thank you so much for your reply. Means a lot x
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