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My IUI Cancelled because...

DH couldn't produce yesterday or today. I am so upset it is unreal. image


  • Just wanted to send *big hugs*

    I know that while most of this fertility stuff happens to us we should never underestimate the pressure that our men feel to "produce the goods"

    So sorry this has happened, will they get you in again soon ?

  • Hi, Yep I will start right away again as soon as my next cycle starts. However spoke with my dr earlier that I am having extensive cramping (which could be from the ovidrel) however since dh & I did the BD on Saturday am and trigger was 8:30am sunday the dr is very hopeful that maybe just maybe one lonely guy made it up that way and was waiting...
  • Oh no!

    Everything crossed it worked naturally anyway.

    If not have they suggested that your OH produces under less pressure and they freeze it to use just in case he gets 'stagefright'again?
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