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Laparoscopy & Dye Test


I'm going for a lap & dye test on Monday and I'm petrified. I've never had surgery before and I have a fear of needles & operations, plus I'm worried what they might find. I had to have a termination 10 years ago (I'm 32 now) and had an infection, I'm really worried it's left me damaged.

I was wondering whether anyone's had one and can advise what to expect? Will it be as bad as I expect it to be?

I go to the gym every day (gym fanatic!) and I'd like to know how long I should expect to be stuck at home and unable to exercise? Is the recovery time likely to be more than a week (I'm going to crazy at home).

Any advice is massively appreciated.

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  • hi

    i has a lap and dye in sept. depending on how you react to anaesthetics will depend on how you recover. i took a week off work as did several other people on here who have had lap and dyes, you will be bloated for a few days and prob best to take some very baggy/drawstring clothes with you to hospital.

    i didnt have any pain but your tummy muscles will be very sore for the first day or so then it will start to ease off.

    i was quite tired for a couply of weeks and didnt go back to the gym for at least 2 weeks xx
  • Thanks for the advice image I haven't taken a day off from the gym in about 3 weeks, so I'm going to get fat.. still it's all practice for pregnancy (if it ever happens image )! Thanks again! xx
  • i had a lap and dye on tuesday just gone (1/3) and i am still sore today. nothing too bad though so i would not worry. easier said than done i know because i was very nervous before mine.

    i too love the gym and am itching to get back but doc told me at least 2/3 weeks before i can go back.

    Also my doc signed me off work for two weeks!!!

    i got a bit of a shock when he gave me the note but if that how long it takes...

    my test came out clear thank god so onto next step, wait for 6 weeks for next appointment. image

    beat of luck with the lap and dye, its not as bad as you expect.

    Sorry just reread post and realised im a month late!! would love to know how you got on
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