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Clomid question

Hello ladies image

I start clomid next cycle and forgot to ask my consultant a question. Is there an approx cycle day it will make you ovulate on? (my cycles are irregular due to PCOS) Thanks if anyone can answer image


  • Heya Hun

    There's no specific cycle day Clomid will make ovulate on. I have also heard Clomid can make ur ov all over the place so I'd suggest u use Opk to find out when u ov. That's what I plan on doing. Taking my first Clomid tablet tomo.... Very exciting!!

  • My doctor told me that OPKs usually do not work with PCOS. I've also got it and I used OPKs and got a positive on CD12 and 13 after taking Clomid 3-7, but my ultrasound on CD13 showed no sign of OV at all. I should find out on CD21 if I OV or not, I will let you know how accurate mine were, although not everyone is the same. I've read about quite a few people who used OPKs with PCOS and they worked for them. I'd say go ahead and try them out, it definitely can't hurt!!! Good luck image
  • Thanks for the replies ladies image
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