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Being referred to Urology?

Hi ladies, I pop over here from time to time from TTC after MC. We have been trying for a year now and have both had initial tests with doc. My hormone levels were fine, hubbys first SA test wasnt good, but 2nd was ok (36mill per ml, mobility about 50%). We are both with different docs which isnt too convenient. Hubbys doc said she would refer him to urology for further tests, and reluctantly added my name to the referral as we wanted referred as a couple. Have any of you ladies had any experience of what they do at Urology? We are both 41 so time is of the essence. The docs dont seem too interested in us...we have both had kids from prev marriages and as we were lucky enough to conceive already they just keep telling us that everything is fine. I appreciate any information you could share with me xxx


  • Hello, My self and my husband were refered to urology after my husbands sa result, 1 sperm plus 2 immobile. We were seen very quickly, Bourn hall in cambridgeshire. When we were there my husband was examined, felt his testicles, checked prostate, they were checking for blockages following from and epididimal cyst and surgery my husband had. Surpriced that they have sent your husband for urology because he has more than enough sperm for treatment, if that is what you need. They also did a huge range of bloods on him, chromosonal etc, some would even take 6 weeks.just waiting for follow up appointmet now where my husband is having sperm extraction. good luck.
  • Thanks for the reply. Im really hoping they will look at us as a couple but I suppose I will just have to be patient. Thanks again, Tracy xx
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