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CD80 and fed up waiting....

Hi everyone

I'm new here! I'm 27 and DH is 25. We've been trying for 8 months now which I know isn't as long as some people but I think you ladies might be able to help me with your experiences.

My first four cycles after coming off the pill were irregular from 25-37 days but I'm not sure if I actually ov in any of them and it looked like I had a short LP. I then had one 'normal cycle (ie normal length with 14 day LP) and thought, great, things are settling down. And then my body has thrown me this cycle - I'm on CD 80 and no sign of ovulation or AF. I'm going mad!

I've got an appointment at the GP on Monday although I've spoken to her on the phone a couple of weeks ago. She seems to want me to wait for a natural AF before doing blood tests but I just keep thinking that could take months at this rate!

I'm taking the usual vitimins and B6. Since about CD60 of this cycle I've taken Agnus Castus and EPO too - anything to try and bring on this AF!

What do you guys think? Any advice on what we should discuss with GP?

Mrs S x image


  • Hello mrssmurfette Sorry to hear AF is messing you about!! I know that feeling all too well.

    I expect the reason the gp wants to wait for a natural AF is so she can then start 21 day bloods, which will detect ov, you may have to have them a few times in order to trsck ov. With alot of the herbal tablets like AC you should take from the day of your period up to ov, some are ok to take after, im just not sure which ones. So if you started taking them from cd60 they might not make a difference, but there is no harm in continueing.

    After coming off the pill it can take a while for AF to truely settle, i know some women who it took a year or so for them to settle. Mine were the opposite i had regular cycles for the first 9 months then nothing!! I was diagnosed with PCOS years ago and that is why I don't have AF's as i don't ovulate!! I expect and if your docs doesnt suggest it i would suggest you do, that they test for PCO/PCOS, and check your thyroids too.

    Iam not sure how much what i have mumbled will help but i hope it does a little!!

    Good luck tomo at the docs, let us know how you get on hunny

  • Hi Faye

    Thank you so much for your reply. I think best case scenario is that my hormones are still settling after being on the pill. It does feel like I was having cycles (even if they were a bit irregular) and now nothing at all so I know exactly what you mean. Its so frustrating!

    I'll definitely press the docs to do those tests you suggest. Without wanting to google diagnose myself(!), I think PCOS and/or thyroid problems may be the issue because I do have a few of the symptoms. I see you are also on the Clomid thread - do you mind me asking how long after your AFs disappeared that you got put on Clomid? Also, did you get it prescribed by GP or did you have to get referred to a fertility specialist?

    Mrs S x
  • I dont mind you asking hun, ask away!!

    I guess i got refered and had clomid about 7 months my periods had been missing for. But i expect if id gone to the docs earlier they might have done something about it. But generally they will only do it after a yr of TTC.

    I think it is different in areas, my gp refered me to the fertility clinic which is where i got prescribes cloimid, but i have also heard of gp's prescribing it. I do now have it as a repeat prescription, but thats only because iv already had 2 rounds.

    I am no being refered for a lap and dye and ovarian drilling!!!

  • Hi Faye,

    Lap and Dye and Ovarian Drilling sounds a bit scary but I'm sure it will all be worth it in the long run! I'm sure I read somewhere that you're super fertile after getting that done so I'm sending loads of luck and baby dust your way. Do you have a date for it yet?

    I promised I'd let you know how it went today!

    Well, doc was really nice. She took some bloods said she'd test for PCOS and Thyroid and generally just hormone levels. She had a wee feel of my tummy too which I wasn't expecting! She didn't seem too keen on giving me something to induce period but she basically said that these tests should do for now. She's going to phone me next monday with the results. She says once we have the results, we can discuss what happens next. She seemed a bit unsure whether to refer me to gynae or fertility clinic - I'm hoping for fertility clinic though. Will just have to wait till next Monday to find out what she thinks is best!

    Thanks for your messages.

    Mrs S x
  • It does sound scary doesn't it but like you said supposed to be very fertile after having it done so Im excited and nervous all at the same time. I haven't got my date yet for it.....hopefully i will find out soon. As hubby works away alot so am hoping its when he is around as im not to drive for 48 hr and need someone with me over night!!

    It sounds like your doc is doing everything right and its great they are doing it after only 8 months ttc as a lot of docs don't and would have suggested waiting until about a year. So this is brill hun. Fingers crossed it all comes back ok and its just a funny cycle.

    Do let us know how everythign goes and keep in touch. If you wanna ask anything we are all here for you

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