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Clomid and ovarian cysts

Hi all,

I haven't been on here for ages! Just a bit about me....

I fell pregnant in July 2009 after 3 years ttc and had a mmc in September. Since then no success :cry: we have done all the pre- fertility tests and all ok. However I have cysts that come and go and fibroids which have now started to grow in number whih has changed the shape of my womb ( it's now the size of a 10 week pregnancy!).

Anyway we were referred back to hospital to discuss the fibroids as they are now affecting my daily life but the options are not good. Basically, if I want to get rid of them I wil need to go on the pill or have hysterectomy! Obviously that is not an option for me so Dr suggested we up the chances of pregnancy first. She gave me 3 months of clomid, I am a bit concerned about over stimulating my ovaries and getting more cysts, anyone have any experience of this. What I watch out for?

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