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just wondered...

Hows long were u ttc before u were given clomid?? Can see that this might be the next step for me. Thankyou in advance! image


  • I think it s a year usually, so if i were you I would say a year even if it hasn't been x good luck xx
  • Where I live (Wales) its 2 years or 3 miscarriages before they will do any tests. We tried for 18 months for our little boy but he died when I was 25+5 weeks :cry: I had already had 3 miscarriages before him :cry: I approached my doctor last October and was given clomid straight away, no questions asked but I think that was probably to do with my history. x
  • Hi there

    At our clinic they did lots of tests to check sperm etc, as it happens we never got prescribed clomid as hubbies sperm was so low there was no point. I would go to your docs and ask them to run the basic tests and go from there.

    V xx
  • Thankyou for responses ladies. Torch - sorry to hear yr sad need about yr little boy. Currently waiting in oh sperm results and for my cycles to sort rhemselves out (77 days was Hows long the last one was and im No???? on day 66!). Had bloods done once to check for ovulation But i Had this long messed up cycles so didnt give any real results. Been of the pill a year Now so hoping my doctor will do further investigations. Wishing u all lots of luck, x image

    doctor will do something.
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