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Please please reassure me!

Hi all. Last week hubs handed in his sperm test. Today results were due. However apparently they need to redo them as we didn't hand them in within two hours. However we did. We had them at the hospital within 30 mins, with cotton wool etc wrapped round the pot to keep it warm. So I am now panicking that they were all dead which is why they thought we had delayed. Am I being silly? Has this happened to anyone else? So worried.


  • Hi there

    Please don't worry. My husbands first one had no sperm at all, when we went to the clinic they advised that they had been sitting for over 3 hours. They should be tested within about 30 minutes. He had another one and they found sperm. He also had anothe where they took ages to test it.

    When you go to a fertility clinic they do the sample there and then and use more complex ways so more sperm is usually found.

    If you have any other questions, please just ask

    V xxx
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