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Clomid for PCOS

Hi everyone.

I have been to the hospital for ultrasound scans and have been diagnosed with PCOS. Me and my partner have been TTC for over a year and I have very irregular periods. We are both young though me 23 him 24, I am overweight and on a diet as i know this effects chances. I have read that clomid is prescribed to regulate periods and make you ovulate, will they give it to me even though i am overweight??? Any tips would be helpful thanks xxxx


  • Hi Caela,

    I was prescribed clomid, but had to get my bmi below 30 for them to allow me to have it. Apparently it doesn't work as well if your bmi is over 30.

    Every primary care trust is different, though, so I would say keep up the diet and try your best to lose the weight (easier said than done, I know, especially with pcos!). Its supposed to help with pcos if you lose weight too.

    Good luck xx
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