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Cathartic moaning thread

Ok. Officially fed up. I have nothing to contribute to any of the current active topics, so have decided to start my own. All welcome, no holds barred moaning. Ranting would be better, but not sure I have the energy at the moment. Repetition not a problem. This is mainly to reassure me I'm not totally, barn door crazy.

1) BIL's girlfriend just had "accidentlal" baby. And keeps moaning. And keeps showing me a frankly quite unappealing photo of squidged and purple baby.

2) good friend 12/40 with second. Yay! But don't try and tell me you know what it's like because it took "months" - I've done the maths. It took you 2 months.

3) hubby's friends wife (goddit?) returns from honeymoon. Refuses wine, talks about life changing events, and once I "guessed" has taken me in to her confidence as only ?4/40 gone. Talk to your friends- I don't know you well enough to ask you to shut up!

4) still no periods, but still getibg the cramping etc. I know I don't ovulate, so why the pretence?

5) due admission week on tues. Hubby said can't drive me there and to get taxi. Not. Happy.

6) totally lost hope anything will work. Just can't ever see me pregnant, let alone baby. Apparently thus is a Bad Attitude.

I think that is me moaned out for now.

Thanks for listening.



  • ah hun, im sorry, your message came up on feed and i am g/c but just wanted to say im sorry you feel so crap. When you want something so bad it can feel so miserable that other people have it. I won't say i understand as have not been there but didnt want to read and run.

    i did laugh a bit at your message though (hope this is ok :lol: ) you know how to tell a story! am not laughing at your situation though, i know its leaving you miserable. Think you could do with a good friend and a bottle of good vino. Good luck for a week on tueday. hugs xxx
  • Sorry you are feeling so bad, I had a rant on here on Tuesday so know exactly how you feel image

    I've just had to fill out a risk assessment for an 18 year old member if staff who 'accidentally' got herself pregnant (boo!)

    I've been married just over 2 years now & everyone keeps asking 'so when are you gonna have a baby then?' just wanna scream!! It's not like we're not trying!!

    Hoping you feel better soon, hugs xx
  • Incident form for accidental pregnancy... What line of work are you in that that's an occupational risk?!

    Thanks guys, but no hugs needed. I'm not sad, just pissed off. The rant helped thou.
  • pregnancy always means a risk assessment at work. To make sure there's nothing in your role that might put you at risk or might need to be adapted. Glad you are staying strong! Its good to vent on here x
  • Oh, I can do this til my ears bleed!!

    1. People saying "It'll happen when its supposed to". Actually, I've given up believing in fate or luck or anthing like that, what with all these wastes of space in the world! Its not bad luck, its just life!!

    2. Grrrr to flippin pains and twinges and bleeds and emotional diarrhoea! (fuguratively speaking!)

    3. Can I be annoyed with myself??! I know I'm setting myself up for a big fall this month, as I'm really getting my hopes up, but I can't help it. I almost bought a maternity uniform the other day, as it was on offer!

    That seems it for now. There's probably much more!
  • Yay Windy- I was hoping someone else would join me with random mad moaning!

    I'm trying to think of other moans- I tend to mull and obsess and I really think putting it down here let's me forget all the crap for a bit.

    How about the 3 - three!, comments this weekend - "so, when are you planning on starting a family?". I faked deafness. Not the best response...
  • I think thats THE most appropriate response for such a personal question!!

    My favourite experience this week, was my un-maternal friend (I don't have many fortunately?? / unfortunately??)deciding that she would tell me "Oh, I'm pretty sure I could get pregnant at the drop of a hat, which is ironic, as I don't want kids and you do. Do you want mine if I have one?" IN WHAT WORLD WOULD ANY NORMAL PERSON SAY THAT TO SOMEONE WHO'S BEEN TTC FOR NEARLY 3 YEARS????!!!

    She's terribly unhealthy, drinks and smokes, has diabetes and hasn't had a boyfriend that lasted more than 7 months. I'm not even sure where her dillusional statement came from, but I'm pretty sure the likelihood of testing her theory is low!!! Bitch over!
  • Awww hun I am so sorry you aree having problems ov and that you are feeling really down at the moment.

    My nephew had a one night stand (he is 20) condom split and has an 8 month old baby girl he has known from day dot but we only find out yesterday!! Annoying.

    Sister is currently due to test after IVF not sure if it has worked or not. (I am hoping it has but still I want a BFP).

    My friend has just 'accidently' fell pregnant and is thinking of aborting ffs!! Seriously there are people who would love the oppportunity to be a mum. x
  • Ash... I don't blame you for starting this thread.

    To be completely honest I haven't been officially TTCing for very long but in my head this baby has been wanted for a couple of years now. I don't feel like I belong on Trying For a Baby because I don't get periods and on the odd occasion I do they are horrendous and last for like 6 weeks! I feel more at ease on this forum so hope you don't mind me joining in!

    I hate those people who say "just relax". Are you f*cling kidding me?!? :x

    Completely empathise!

    I was actually interested in what you said about cramps but no ovulation.. I get cramps but no period too.
  • Todays gripe: If I see one more smoking parent or pregnant woman- grrrrrr!! Its supposed to reduce your fertility, so why are they super-fertile and I'm not, but have never smoked!!!!
  • Windy, my hubby's cousins gf (still with me here?!) said something very similar, offering me her baby if she ever got pregnant because she wouldn't want it. I was gobsmacked, and pointed out to her that a) I have unexplained infertility and as far as I have it in my kind, I can make my own baby, thank-you-very-much!!! It's just taking us a while. And b) what makes her so sure that she can get pregnant herself?! I did actually point these out to her. The conversation moved on to something else quickly :d image
  • Totally hearing you ladies..! If one more 'friend' makes a comment about us having a baby soon I may well end up screaming at them! Even had someone say 'I thought you two would have started having a family ages ago' whilst looking pointedly at my stomach...great, so I'm not only NOT pg- I'm also putting on weight! Wonderful! Also have a strong suspicion that one of my good friends who got married in June is already pg and also possibly my younger sister too. AND there's a big family event coming up soon, which means all the aunts and uncles will be asking us what's happening. AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    Ok- rant over.

    Yup- I think that helped!!image xx
  • Lol! love it! xxx

    If I hear this one again I think I will hit someone. Hard!

    'If you relax and don't think about it, it will happen!'

    You think?

    2 years on and that's obviously my problem!

    I happened to mention to a girl at work who is 25 weeks pregnant with her 3rd child that I would love to get pregnant, her response 'well just do it then'. OMG......

    Thank you for lettting me get this one of me chest! xxx
  • Just do it... Did you smack her?!

    One of my friends saw me last night and I said i'd had surgery "for a cyst"- well, it wasn't lying.. She's now gone and plastered over Facebook that I'm having ivf. Hohoho. Except it isn't really funny, is it? I've not made a fuss as don't want draw attention, but really! What does she think she's playing at?!
  • Awww girls... I can totaly feel ALL of your pain... We have been TTC for 4 years next month... thats actualy really scary to admit!! :O

    Ive kinda gave up with the ranting at the moment.. it was just getting me done all the more... but here are a few things that have really pissed me off in the passed...

    1) Being told by a "friend" (well she was at the time) that falling pregnant is the easiest thing in the world and EVERYONE can do it!!

    2) Some friends are onto their 2nd/3rd baby in the time we have been trying for ONE!!

    3) Someone I know has had 3 terminations in the last 2 years!!

    4) Got told we arent getting any younger... WTF!!

    5) Someone at work said last week that theres no point in being on this planet if you cant be a MUM!! ( I could have swung for her... haha)

    6) Getting told to "just do it"

    There are plenty more that Im sure will come to me and i will add.... but why are some people soo bloody insensitive!! image

    Hope all you ladies are good tonight image xx
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