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O.m.G - finally!

No... Not that news... But, after 2.5 years off the pill, one week after my ov drilling, I've only gone and got af!

You are the only people I can think of who might be anywhere as excited as me about this! For once, all the cramps weren't for nothing!

Can't stop smiling. What a loser, eh?


  • Pumpkin I can totally understand and am so pleased for u!! It's great isn't it!

    I was the same after my first natural AF after reflexology!

    So funny to b chuffed about AF arriving when ur ttc.

    I am really pleased for u... Also i got my BFP on the second month after getting natural AF so fingers n toes crossed for u too hunny!! X x
  • Excellent news hun! image x
  • We're all a bit weird that way in ltttc!!! Whoop whoop for good old Aunt Flo! I was so so excited to get a natural af, I didn't even take any pain killers, as I just felt like suffering- made it more real somehow! Ok, I'm a bit more weird than most!!
  • Ha ha windy u do make me laugh Hun!

    X x
  • BRILLIANT!!!!! Totally get that :lol:
  • Thanks guys- told hubby last night, and he got a big smile and said "that's brilliant!" and then looked a bit confused- he doesnt think a man has ever been glad for af before!

    So glad the op seems have done something. Got next appt mid oct, I think to restart clomid if nothing happens- but for the first time I'm letting myself think "something" might!
  • Great news, so pleased for you x
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