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  • Its only ibroprufen & co-codamol (or anything with codine in) that you're supposed to avoid because of the affect it can have on a growing baby. They tell you this really early on.

    Paracetamol with a kick of caffine in them are the best when you're newly pregnant because they get rid of the early pregnancy headaches & give you a little energy boost when you're exhausted x
  • ive been presctibed co codamol. by the consultant. and was given them in hospital they told me there save to take. now im worried they have harmed my baby
  • Codeine tends to be avoided in the third trimester as it can (can, not will!) cause baby to get a little sleepy. It is "allowed" in preganancy though.

    I do wonder why the women in the study were taking the brufen though. Other health problems, or maybe abdo pain... I'm not sure this study demonstrates a clear cause and effect.

    Having said that, I'd prob avoid to be on the safe side!
  • I think you're fine if you've been prescribed it nowamrsm, you're just not supposed to take it without your doctor, or consultant knowing about it x
  • I stopped taking Ibuprofen in the 2WW a couple of years ago, as I had heard that there was a link. Don't like to think that I'm doing anything to scupper my chances!
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