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all i want 4 christmas is a bfp!!

how everyone

as the post suggests Im praying for a Christmas bfp!

got my egg collection next week eekk! here we go again lol.

so who with me for the Christmas bfp!

someone in this thread will be LUCKY! i can feel it he he x x x


********lots baby dust ***********


  • Awww good luck booey, got everything tightly crossed everything goes well for you this time hun x x x

    ***********Lots of xmas baby dust to all ******************
  • Ohh good luck boooey hope you get your xmas BFP! x
  • I am with you. Got my egg collection on Friday eek!

    Fingers crossed for us both and hopefully see you in the 2ww xx
  • good luck hun! lets hope for good news this time for US both x x
  • Good luck Princess-DebbieC x
  • Good Luck girls with the IVF... image A BFP would be ace to start the New Year!

    Id love to also have a BFP by the new year.. but i cant see it happening for us image (full of pma today eh?? not! ha)

    I have made lots off lifestyle changes lately and really hoping we dont need IUI in 2012...

    Fingers crossed ladies... imageimage xx
  • Thanks ladies, am well nervous now, let's hope this is a lucky thread x
  • I would love a BFP for Christmas! Fingers crossed girls image
  • i'm with you there ladies. i'd love a christmas bfp. how bloody great would it be to find out a few days before, not tell hubby straight away then on christmas day wrap up a positive test (bit minging i realise this) fabulous present!!!!!!ahhhhhhhhh i'd love to do that image

    i really want that now !
  • Aww i think about that kinda stuff too HannahBelle... but there again im sure i wouldnt be able to keep it too myself until the big day... Id need to tell OH straigh away im sure! ha

    I do think about how i would tell family and friends tho.... Oh i do live in dreamland at times ha xxx
  • HannahBelle1979 and MrsCupcake87 I think about things like this too or wrapping up a baby grow which says 'I love my Dad' or something similar - it would be amazing!

    I'm keeping my FC for us all x
  • Me too! I might as well hope for a bfp too. I hope we all get our hearts desires!
  • good luck ladies! we all deserve a bfp! x x x
  • I couldn't agree more boooey image Good luck for Monday x
  • i like the babygro idea loopy. i've thought about a card that comes from the baby saying that he/she will see daddy soon and that i'm just growing in my mummys tummy. (sounds crap now i've written it down hahahah) i know i'd tell him straight away! i'm rubbish!
  • HannahBelle1979 I think I'd have to say straight away too as I know that my DH would be over the moon especially when you've been ttc a long time. I love that card idea it sounds great x
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