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Had my HSG- help please?

Hi. Thanks for all the responses to my last quesstion aout HSGs. I had mine today and was wondering if my experience was normal? I'm a bit worried.

I asked if I'd get the results today and he said no. They have to be looked at by the consultant and would take 2 weeks. He did say something like he would tell me a bit if he could but he lost me a bit there and I was very nervous.

Anyway the test didn't hurt one iota. AF is always much worse. I felt the balloon inflate whn he asked his colleague to inflate it. That surprised me a bit as I wasn;t expecting it. It didn't hurt though. The liquid didn't hurt either. The actual procedure took under a minute. That shocked me too.

Now I'm worried about why it was quick, why it didn't hurt and why he said nothing at all. He had gone when I came out from changing.

I keep thinking maybe he saw a problem immediately and then I think maybe it was clear. What has everyone else experienced?


  • Everywhere is different, so try not to worry (try!!). Perhaps he was just a radiographer and not able to discuss your results with you in detail. I thought I had a consultant there, but I might be wrong.

    My HSG was really quick and barely painful, like you said, I felt the balloon and the dye. It pretty much felt like too much fluid being squeezed into a tight space, which you would expect. Definitely not worse than af pains.

    When is your next appt? Perhap you'll get a letter?

  • Hi Windy. He did say that they would write or phone with the results within a fortnight. My next appointment is in February. I guess the next course of action depends on what they find. I have a few right sided pains today so just hoping that's because of all the poking. I hope everything is going well for you. xXx
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