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Clomid questions

For all you clomid users, what's it like? Any bad side effects? I have read mood swings, nausea and weight gain. I'm going to be put on it in the new year.

Laura x


  • It seems quite different for every person. I had mild symptoms, a headache for the first cycle (just the 5 days I was on it) and was a bit hormonal, but after the first cycle, I barely noticed any symptoms. I did get really severe ovulation pains too, which I only had very mildly when naturally ovulating.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks for replying. I get really bad ovulation pain anyway so I dread to think what it will be like on clomid!
  • I only had 2 cycles but was lucky not to get any side effects at all.

    Everyone seems to react differently Hun, only way to tell what side effects u will get is by taking it.

    Good luck x x
  • Hello, i didn't have any symptoms really. I took it in the evening don't know if that helped. Good Luck, I recently got my bfp on the 5th cycle of clomid so it does work xxxx
  • I have just had 3 cycles of clomid and had headaches for the days I was taking it in all 3 months and also hot sweats during the night. I took it at night before bed so don't know whether that was the reason why. It looks like everyone is different though.

    Good luck.

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