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Hi ladies.

I wonder if anyone knows anything about this. First of all I have had my bloods done way back in June. They were fine apparently. Shortly after I bought a CBFM. I was plodding along ever since happy in the 'knowledge' that I definately oved from June to September because I got my peaks. HMMM. Turns out that CBFM/ OPKs cannot test for a released egg therefore can't really say if ov took place.

After I had no peaks in October I decided to try charting as well. It doesn't look like I am going to ov again this month, which means no ov in 2 months out of 4.

My question is how do they know you ov regularly from only one cycle's blood tests? What if you were to only ovulate rarely but happened to have the test on that occasion? I'm concerned that I should have been put on meds back in June and have wasted 8 opportunities in that time image
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