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Im back. . . with a new plan:-)

hi all

i decided Im back. missed Be too much lol.

anyway quick history if you don't no me.

1.ivf one = collected 12eggs all poor quality

2. ivf two= collected 8 eggs all poor quality

advised best chance would be doner egg.

3. was just about to start adoption process oh backed out! argh

4.went for blood test last week called karotype test too see if i have an extra chromosone? summit like that he he.

so am left with duff eggs not knowing if they Will always be that way as nobody can tell me and Im only 31.

so plan is to ttc naturally this year if possible! yup its a long long shot a miracle infact! if it happened. don't get me wrong we no the score i have just purchased a new cbfm as well lol.

so watch this space ha ha ha. if all else fails we are buying me an egg from abroad its cheaper next year! image i can't be left with no dream. Im too young for that x x x x x


  • Hey Boooey,

    Gd to have you back, and I'm loving the positive attitude!

    It's a bit quite here- a lot of graduations recently.

    Really hope the eggs behave- on the LTTC threads it always seems to be "last chance" conceptions so you should be ok...image

    I'm still cracking on with the clomid before ivf referral (but, on the plus side, my PCT is still planning on funding ivf after April- phew). Am, against my better judgement symptoms spotting like mad today. I really should know better by now...

  • Just wanted to wish you all the best. You have been through so much, you deserve to have your dreams come true.....never say never!!!!!!!

    Be positive, love Tracy x
  • Hi sorry to g/c but have seen your posts on and off over last 2 years. So glad your back with renewed positivity. I know you have tried many many options but i would say if your ttc naturally then both eat well, laugh lots and get plently of fresh air and a bit of excercise! ok i know it sounds bit obvious but it has to be worth a go! wishing you loads of luck and keep your vitamin d up to keep you ov more regularly cos all it takes is one good egg!! xxx
  • Welcome back booey image

    I've been reading a lot about the TTCN route. We've purchased multivitamins that have a natural source - all from vegetables - supposed to be much better for you than the synthetic stuff. Also been reading about the importance of vitamin D - that's going to be my next area of research. Need to find the best source of that as possible as they reckon we're all pretty deficient and it can have an impact on fertility.

    Once I'm done with clomid I'm going to start taking fertility blend - that is also supposed to be really helpful. Just doesn't work with clomid.

    I hope that you can stay as positive as possible during this time. I have to keep reminding myself of how it feels when I am relaxed and positive and try to hold onto that!

    All the best image
  • boooey welcome back hun, I hope everything works out for you hun x
  • Hey Boooey!

    I'm so glad you're back and filled with enthusiasm, I think it sounds like a great plan (I like plans!) and dare I say the "R" word??!!

  • Booey great to hear you have a new plan, wish you the best of luck with it!

    Holl xx
  • Booey, lovely to see you back hun & brimming with postivity! Sorry to hear your hubs changed his mind on adoption, I recenly had the conversation with my hubs about it as a back-up plan & he said it would be a no-go for him too.

    Really hope the TTCN works for you I agree with Munchie & MrsH about looking into the vitamin side of things, have also heard a good Royal Jelly is good for improving egg quality. I never thought they would work, but my hubs has been on as many vitamins as I could find him in an attempt to improve his sperm quality and it has improved a heck of a lot in 4 months, so def worth looking into!

    Good luck hun x
  • G/C, but just wanted to say welcome back Booey and good luck for this year! I really hope you get that much wanted (and waited for!) sticky BFP.

  • Hi Booey,

    I went back to my consultant last month to start the IVF ball rolling. We're unexplained secondary. But although I have had bloods previously he wants to send me for more to check my egg levels (quality/quantity) and in the meantime gave me and hubby 3 months of superstrong folic acid and vitamin E. I also bought us some vitamin C/Zinc combo. He said that regardless of my blood results the vitamins will help improve both my eggs and his sperm (even tho his results were fine when tested). So added to the TTCN plan, maybe add a few vitaminsimage

    Good luck x
  • good luck with the new plan booey xXx
  • Hi Boooey,

    I have seen a few of your posts before and am glad you are back! Your story sounds similar to mine and I wish you all the luck in the world and hope that 2012 is your year. I am trying to find ways of improving egg quality and have read a lot about royal jelly so I am trying that. If my eggs improve we may try IVF but if not we are looking at donor eggs abroad next year.

    Keep strong happy and positive and keep us informed of your journey. Knowing other people are going through similar experiences helps me a lot so thank you for sharing your journey here.

    JC xxx
  • ladies thank you for all your lovely messages.

    good luck with all your plans also. . fingers crossed for you x x

    well start my cbfm when my period arrivesimage wonder if Will help.

    still waiting for my blood results should got next week x x x
  • Hi Booey it's nice to see you back here. I hope your plan works for you and good luck with your test results. Is it AMH they are testing?
  • hey wibblewobble

    no its karotype test. checking chromosonal abnormalities. like if i have extra set of them lol something like that which would prevent

    pregnancy and also give poor egg quality. not sure why

    this wasn't done prior but least its done now x
  • hi booey

    only just seen this! Sorry to hear you've had more stress with your oh changing his mind about adoption, i guess though its better he is honest now rather than further down the line. Lovely to hear you've found a way to feel positive again.

    its so understandable you're hoping for an outside chance - im 31 too (its definately not old!!! lol) , you must have been ttc for a few years and it does seem strange there's no reason for the eggs being the way they are, so i hope they find one. if there is a genetic problem could they do anything to help? Or would it just help you to have things explained?

    Big hugs and good wishes for something very good to happen for you - xx
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