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Periods different on Clomid??

Hi girls

Im not new to this site, but am a lurker....Its always been very helpful.

Anyway I was wondering if you would be able to offer any advice.

I started my first round of clomid (50mg)in Jan on cycle day 2 -6. I had day 21 bloods done which came back at 50. My consultant said that I ovulated. I am now on cycle day 30.

Since CD 25 though I have had light bleeding....It has been mainly brownish or watery pink...occasionally red. It has been extremely light. It isn't a flow and is only when I wipe. I haven't needed to wear any protection at all. This morning my temps were still high.....HPT -VE. Im confused as Im not sure if this is my period? Although after 5 days I would have expected a temp dip by now?!....Does clomid make your periods lighter? I heard it can make them heavier?? If it is my period then I have missed my clomid on CD 2-6 this month.

I had implantation bleeding with my son and this is very similar, but I don't remember it going on for this long...Im sure it was only a day or two...He is 4 now (and conceived naturally) so can't really remember properly.....I don't think I am pregnant but still expected a proper period.

Has anyone else experienced this on clomid?

Thanks x


  • The only difference with my periods whilst on clomid was that they were regular! Fingers crossed its implantation bleeding for you. Sorry I can't offer anymore help x
  • My periods weren't different when I took clomid again it just made them regular. I also had brown bleeding on my second month of clomid and it turns out I was pregnant and it was just implantation bleeding. Good luck when you test! Fingers crossed its a BFP for u! xx
  • Hi Becs06,

    I started Clomid in December 50mg days 2-6.

    My period have been very strange since starting, since coming of the pill in 2009 my periods have been light but since starting Clomid I have had the same brownish/watery type symptoms. I had also noticed I have been getting blood tinged discharge before AF which is really annoying because I am not sure when to start counting my next cycle.

    Im not convinced its working for me, I cant wait to finish this round!!
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