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I'm new - a little about myself

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to introduce myself, as this is my first post on here. I have looked on the forums before, but until now I wasn't really sure which one to post in!

My name is Helen and my husband and I have been TTC since April 2010 - nearly 2 years now. I am 30. In Jan 2011 I got my first BFP, but then a week later I started bleeding. Then in March 2011 and June 2011 the same thing happened twice more. My G.P. referred me to gynaecology, who I first saw in November 2011. Then in Dec. I had all my bloods taken (husband fainted so couldn't get his!) and ultrasound scans, where 'rather surprisingly'(consultants words!) I showed signs of PCOS. I have regular cycles, and dont really fit in with the other usual signs and symptoms of it. Finally I felt like we were getting somewhere.

Then whilst waiting for the results, again I fell pregnant for the 4th time, so went straight to gynaecology for blood tests 48 hours apart. It was awful waiting for he results. Then the nurse rang me to say my HcG levels (I think thats the right ones) had gone down and again I would miscarry, which I did. It has been such a heartbreaking journey, with so many friends of mine falling pregnant around me image it all just feels so unfair.

So anyway, on Monday I had an appointment with my consultant, to find out what course of action should be taken. My blood results were all normal, apart from the 21 day progesterone, which was low, but then the repeat one last month was excellent apparently?!

She has put me on Metformin first. 500mg once a day for 2 weeks, then twice a day. She wants to try that for 3 months to see if it helps improve my egg quality. If that doesnt work, she then said she would introduce clomid as well to boost my ovulation. I think as I have fallen pregnant she knows I am ovulating. I have taken 3 tablets so far, and already I have felt slightly nauseous, and this morning some tummy cramps, but nothing too severe as yet!

I hope I haven't gone on too much, but now I finally feel like I have a plan of action in place and would love to share advice, feelings etc.



  • Hi

    Welcome to BE. Im a bit of a lurker and don't post often, but the advice on here and the PMA boost from the other girls is great.

    Sorry to hear about your repeated miscarriages. I hope the hospital can solve the mystery and that your next pregnancy will be a sticky one. I have been trying for our second baby for over 3 years now. We conceived our son very quickly and naturally, however, since then my body seems to have forgotten what to to. I don't ovulate very often and my husband sperm count apperently isn't great (although motility good). Having our son is fantastic. He is our miracle and is amazing in every way. But it doesn't make it easier as I want a second child and sibling for ds so badly it hurts. Like you all my friends are falling pregnant quite easily and although I am happy for them its hard keeping the hurt you feel at bay. My friends have been very supportive and it isn't their fault, but they can't make it better. It's very cliched but until you have been in the position we are in, you cannot know how it feels. When I fell pregnant with my son I had a friend who had had a miscarraige, 2 ectopics ending in removal of both tubes, and then 3 failed IVF attempts. I dreaded telling her my news but she was amazing and was really happy for us. At the time I couldn't have imagined the pain she was feeling, but now I can have an idea.

    I have many signs of PCOS ie. struggle with weight, anovulatory cycle and excess hair....but apperently lots of blood tests later and 3 scans of my ovaries show I don't have it....Funny how I have symptoms but no cause, and yet you have PCOS with no typical symptoms.....mother nature is an odd one!!!

    I have never had metformin so cannot share my experience with you one that, but I have just had my first round of clomid. It wasn't too bad....gave me hot flushes and a few dark moods, but side effects were generally quite mild. I had a 50mg dose which resulted in ovulation, but sadly not pregnancy. There are lots of people who have severe side effects from clomid, but equally lots that don't have any. Only when you take them will you know how you will react. Only problem with all these drugs is that it can give you may symptoms associated with pregnancy, even when you are not. A little cruel in that respect but bear this in mind. I don't symptom spot now but do take me something else to focus on.

    Having a plan of action is also a good feeling as makes you feel like you are doing something. I'm trying to take one step at a time and looking ahead only to the next point rather than testing day. Next step for me is taking cycle 2 of clomid....then ill concentrate on the fun will be count down to blood test, then 3 day wait for result then it only leaves 5 day wait for test (or period) easier to digest and keep positive that way...

    Sorry its a bit of an epic tale, but everyone on this thread will be able to relate to how you feel however crazy or irrational it sometimes feels. There are also lots of success stories which will help bouy you up when everything feels like its fighting against you...

    Good luck with it all and hope you get the sticky bean you deserve x
  • Hi Bellehelene

    Sorry to hear about your heartbreaking journey. My TTC story is alittle different to yours, in that I've never been pregnant - despite 3 yrs of trying. I can't imagine how truely devastating it must be to loose a baby, never mind 4 times.

    Have you been seen by the Early Pregnancy Unit. I ask this because I have worked in the EPU as a gynae nurse, and am now a midwife, and in my experience after a woman has suffered 3 miscarriages they normally begin investigating the possibility of immune problems which may explain the losses. There are many things that they can do to help you carry a pregnancy, such as putting you on aspirin or heparin based drugs, as well as regular scan and counselling therapy. As it sounds like you have no problem getting pregnant.

    I really wish you the best of luck and hope you get your sticky bean soon

    Holl xxx
  • Thanks so much for your replies Becs and Holl. So nice of you to take the time to share your experiences and advice. I am so sorry you are both struggling also.

    In answer to your questions Holl, I think I have been tested for everything, including the immunity things, as she said it had all come back fine. The only problem is that my husband still hasn't. When we went to have our bloods taken the first time I went in to have mine done, and he was waiting outside. When I came out I just saw him slump forward and he had passed out. Suddenly there were loads of nurses around him and he sort of fitted. After that he needed to sleep for the afternoon, so was really scary. I know they wont know fully until they have his results, but they seemed to have enough to go on with with mine! We are thinking about hypnotherapy to help him.

    Also Holl, a friend of mine began trying at same time as me, and although I kept having miscarriages, it was just as hard for her as she had never fallen pregnant. She took clomid for 4 cycles and is now pregnant.

    I really hope the clomid works for you next time round Becs - fingers crossed! I was all prepared for being told I was going to be put on clomid, so was a bit surprised when she said metformin! in a way also, was a little disappointed, as immediately thought it would be another 3 month wait til some actual treatment, as hadnt really heard of using metformin before. But need to stay positive!

    Thanks again for your replies. Hope to talk lots more!xxx
  • Hi Bellehelene,

    Sorry to hear about what you've been through. Its heartbreaking xx

    Although I have pcos, I don't seem to have the same symptoms as you, its a funny condition! But I have a friend who does have exactly the same problem. She had repeated miscarriages and eventually had investigations and was told she had pco without any other symptoms and had no problems getting pregnant. The great news is that she was prescribed metformin to help her maintain a healthy pregnancy and was closely monitored when she did get pregnant. She now has a healthy 5 month old!

    My husband also uses metformin for his diabetes and finds that making sure he eats with the tablets helps a lot with the gastro side-effects. But they usually disappear if you stick with it anyway.

    Good luck xx
  • Hi Windy, thanks for your reply image

    That is so inspiring to hear about your friend! It does sound really similar to me.

    Thats also very interesting about you having pco with different symptoms. I have quite a few friends with it and they all say about the usual symptoms you hear about. When did you discover you had it?

    Also thanks about eating with the metformin. The first few days I took it, and also the few days after I increased the dosage I felt quite nauseous and upset tummy, but now I am fine. I am now on my 2ww. Am slightly worried we may have missed ov day, but did have a good go at it the days before, so hopefully that will be enough!

    Thanks again!

    Helen x
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