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  • Aw Hun rant away lovely! I know I used too all the time. It's a hard situation as ur happy for them but feel sad for yourself. I actually ended up telling pretty much everyone in the end that we were trying and had been for years. I found things easier when people knew meant they were more sensitive around me as in not asking when me and hubby would have babies as they knew we were struggling. I found it easier when those sort of things stopped being said all the time and found the support from friends amazing. Also when I did finally fall pg people were genuinely over joyed for us and have made great fuss and feel it's special as they know what iv been through. Not saying u should tell every Tom, dick and Harry but maybe think about letting people know. All I can tell u is my experience.

    X x good luck lovely x x
  • MrsE, I can totally sympathise with your situation hun, however like Faye we have now actually told our close family & friends that we've been trying & now having tests done etc and I have to say it is a lot easier without having people summasing or dropping hints etc

    Obviously the whole world doesn't know, so I still find myself just smiling and saying 'one day' to random nosey strangers that feel the need to ask about our lack of children, but at least if I now drive to our friends/family social gatherings I'm not getting the questions or the look as if to say are you driving because your pregnant?!

    I think keeping all these emotions pent-up can actually make you feel worse and in the end talking about with friends was actually like a weight off our shoulders!

    I still feel like a failure when AF arrives every month, but we just have to believe that one day she won't and we'll be over the moon!

    Good luck & chin-up hun x x x
  • Mrs E, I can totally empathise with you hun. TTC is shit. It's been nearly 3 years for us and it's so heartbreaking. Like you, we haven't told anyone we're trying so often get asked the dreaded question 'When are you having babies?' Which I try to brush off but it's so hard.

    My best friend, who has a 9month old baby has just announced she's pregnant again. I felt so jealous and upset but i've had to try and hide those feelings and be happy for her.

    So you're not alone hun,

    Sending loads of baby dust

    Hollie xx
  • Thank you so much ladies for your replies, I really appreciate it. My family know about our situation so it's nice that they are there to support us but hubby doesn't have a particularly open relationship with his family so don't think we will be telling them anytime soon. It's great knowing that I can come on here to vent though so thank you again.

    I'm sure you've noticed that I deleted my original post and that is because we have just found out that they lost the baby today. I am devastated for them and can't believe I was so jealous of their special news, I know that I was happy for them and my reaction was just sadness for me and my hubby but feel like an utter b itch right now.

    Thanks again for your support.

    Babydust to us all, fingers crossed none of us will have to wait too much longer.

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