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Got an appointment -yeah

I have PCOS and am ttc for number 2, got referred to fertility clinic few weeks ago and got an appointment through today for the end of may, hoping dr will start me on clomid straight away, fingers crossed, 6 weeks and counting!!


  • Whooooo yay! I really hope so Hun! If not buy some... Hee hee... Im sure it's availed online somewhere... It will be good for S to have a little play mate! I can't wait to start trying again... I have 5 embryos in the freezer, but my AF hasn't returned yet as still breastfeeding full time. But I don't mind, I'm not using any contraception so a miracle could happen... Well maybe but bding doesn't happen as often these days with cosleepng with baby every! Xxxxx
  • I really hope this time works as quickly as last! I do have some clomid left from last time, but heard such stories about taking it unsupervised, that for now willing to wait to see consultant. S would love little brother/sister. Know what you mean though about finding the time, not even sat down yet tonight, I'm typing after just finishing ironing and putting washing away, sad hey! When would u ideally like to properly ttc again? Love that you are still BF, such a lovely experience! Can't believe how grown up he is looking in your pics! Love being back on here, no one knows we are trying again ( so please don't mention on FB), so it's lovely to have people to chat too, especially now all the oldies are back online!! X
  • I think maybe when he's about a year old if nothing has happened by then I might make enquiries... I don't want to affect my breast feeding, but probably by a year he will have cut down more by then. He still feeds a lot at the mo and in the night. He is baby led weaned so we go at his pace with food etc... I send time over at the Baby led weaning forums they are nice over there, it's what made me think of coming back here. Well I hope they put you on cloud, could your GP not prescribe it, as it's been prescribed before??? I wont mention on fb don't worry. Oh if you see anything about my blog on here, don't mention it on fb. I log anonymously and don't want my friends and family knowing yet! If it wasn't for the iPad, I'd hardly ever go on line I think!!! It's so easy to lay in bed and surf the net... I love it! Xxx
  • I'm so with u with the iPad use, love it!! GP not authorised to prescribe clomid anymore, not even with me taking it previously! Innovative mega rush yet so will see what happens. How has the baby-led weaning gone, have read a bit on it and sounds really interesting! Won't mention it on FB, nice to have these things to ourselves!! X
  • That should have read in no mega rush!! Don't u just love iPhone auto correction!! X
  • Yes, iPad does the same! Can't believe GP can't prescribe it! Yes BLW is great fun! Baby loves squishing everything at the moment so not much eating.... Unless its mango, orange, broccoli, watermelon, green beans or corn on the cob! Everything else at the moment is squashed! Oh he does like soups though... And sometimes porridge. It's really good to see them eating and wanting more and it's great it's at their pace. Xxx
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