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So confused about assisted conception... Please help

Hey everyone, I may be getting ahead of myself but no harm in knowing a little more. I have reg cycles and day 3 and 21 bloods were all great. Hubby's sperm sample was 'lost' grrrr and have no record of it so trying again tomorrow. This will be cycle 11 for us been trying since oct last year. I guess I am just wondering what happens next if sperm results are not good? Would I have scans? Injections for ivf? I think we meet criteria? Is it one go free on NHS? Just a minefield of abbreviations?! Any help would be great : ) hubby is 35 which isn't old but we don't wait to wait to much longer to start a family xxx thank you


  • Hiya Joey139,

    I'm not sure what would happen if your hubby's sperm is not good but I was reffered to the hospital and had an internal scan and a hsg scan done next.  Then I was referred for IVF and we were lucky to get the first treatment done on the nhs, you only get one free try I'm afraid.  I only know about IVF but I'm sure the hospital will do whats best for you whether it's IVF or IUI. I hope everything goes well for you image

  • Hi Tigerlilley1

    Hope everthing is good for you and you are on your journey. Hubby's morphology is 2% so I think we will need some help. I just hope the waiting list is not too long! we were so upset but I guess its just onwards and upwards : ) x


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