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Early pregnancy symptoms or paranoia?

Hi all, im new here, but am driving myself insane and hoping for some answers or reassurance. My DH and i had icsi last month after years of saving, we did egg share with crm london but no luck, BFN!! Although my recipient got a BFP! image so took some solace in that i had helped another couple get their dream. And i know my eggs are fine now, my DH has low sperm count and mobility about 8 % so we knew that was the problem really. Anyway i picked myself up after the heart breaking disappointment and thought we would try naturally as usual this month, and i kept an eye on temperature etc and figured out when i was ovulating so we had sex either every day or other day for the week of ovulation. I never usually put much hope into it after months of disappointment but still its fun trying! image anyway im now 3 days late (im never late, always 28/29 days) but got usual pre menstrual stuff like mild cramps sore boobs etc but also got slight thrush and getting headaches, which i only get if im bit dehydrated but im not, been drinking loads, also feeling quite tired in afternoons. Ive done 2 hpt test yesterday, cheap ones, but said negative, I need some advice cos i keep telling myself i cant be pregnant, but then ive got this niggling feeling saying but what if? What do you think am i just being paranoid?
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