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Day 3 bloods & the waiting game

I'm not sure I'm really worthy of posting yet as I've been TTC since Feb 2011 but got pg Dec 11, MC then TTC again since Feb/ March 2012 but have been referred for tests because I spot very early in my cycle normally 2 days after LH surge all the way to AF. This happened after coming off the pill in 2010 although didn't happen in the 2 months leading to my BFP last yr. I've had several progesterone tests and they came back fine. I have recently found out I've already had a day 3 test for FSH LH an Estradiol but they did it on day 21 and I thought it was just another progesterone test. I've had one apt at the fertility clinic and have another apt in the new year. I'm just worried because someone who is a fertility nurse recently told me that because of my age this might be early menopause. I'm terrified of the results. I know I've probably not been trying as long as everyone here, but I'm struggling to cope and know its probably going to be a while until I know what's been causing this if at all and scared about this day 3 test. To make I worse both my SILs at pg we are being pressured into socialising with family over Xmas but we don't want to have any reminders of baby's/ pregnancy, especially because we found out about our pregnancy on Xmas day last year. If anyone has any advice on how to cope I would really appreciate it. I feel so bitter and angry and have lost interest in everything, living day to day and wishing the weeks by to my next appointment, and full of regret I left it so late in my life to start trying for s baby.
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