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Am I finally pregnant?!

A little background: My husband and I have been TTC for 2 years. I have PCOS. I was put on clomid (50MG) went to the doctor 5 days ago and had a sono and had a follicle. My husband and I started inter course every other day. The day after my doctor visit i had a pinching sensation on My right side (thats the side the follicle was on) and im think that may have been ovulation? Im not too sure because i have never ovulated? Starting 2 days ago my nipples are extremely tender, and starting last night I have a pain (slight pressure feeling not as bad as menstural cramps) in the lower right side of my abdomen. And my sense of smell is outrageous. Am I over analyzing these things or is this a sign of very early pregnancy?!


  • They could be, you won't know definitively until you do a test!! Good luck
  • Thank you very much!!

    I tested last night and it was negative, but I'm thinking its too soon to test.
  • Hi Destinee my hubby and i have also been ttc foe 2 years.I am also on Clomid and have started taking Pregancare conception this month as well as my husband started on Wellmann Conception this month.My af is due on friday and i have been feeling very moody as well as cramping 3 days after ovulating my breast since then have very sore i also dont know if i am also just over analyzing things but this month seems alot more different from the other months.all the best to you and i haope you get your BFP when you testimage

  • Nads,

    Do you have PCOS? It's so good to know I'm not alone!!! I too hope you get your BFP!!!!!!
  • Hiya, I think it would be very early to have pregnancy symptoms, as the baby doesn't even implant until about 10 days after conception

    Maybe they are ovulation symptoms? It doesn't mean you aren't pregnant as it would definitely be too early to test yet, fingers crossed I hope you are! I have PCOS and took a while to conceive my son so I know how hard it can be! xx
  • Thank you so much Magpie for replying!!! I am going to take another test probably Wednesday and ill let you guys know.

    Thanks for the hopeful wishes!!!
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