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Referred to hospital....what happens next??

Hi ladies I've been TTC no2 now for a year and will be referred to the hospital in January. Just wanted to know what sort of tests they do first and his long they take from when u are first referred. My hubby has had sperm analysis done in June which came back fine and Ive had day 21 bloods done in October , also fine. Anyone been through/currently going through referral/testing? Xx


  • Hi hope I can help, we were referred in October. I have had 3 day bloods and HIV and blood clotting and immune system tests through the GPS I think the hospital will do those first. Hubby had another sperm test and I have had an internal ultrasound mid cycle to look at my ovaries, all ok. We also had a post coital test. Hope that helps private message me if you have any questions we are bk to hospital on the 21st of Jan x
  • Thanks joey139 that's really helpful. It's just so had this TTC. I conceived my son 1st cycle no problems and this time it's been a year (10 cycles). I thought I would have another little one to Christmas this year, there were no doubts in my mind, but as things turn out we are still trying! I can't get my head round it. I just feel so desperately hopeless at the moment. I am starting to believe my little boy will be an only child image
  • I have been trying to conceive for 3 years now & slowly losing hope image

    I had bloods taken at GPs which showed as normal and I go back for "Day 21" bloods next week so fingers crossed for those..... My GP advised she is referring me on for further tests so unsure if this means I will be sent to the hospital too but hoping to get answers fairly soon image xxx

  • Hi just thought I'd join the chat as I am in same situation my GP said she would refer me last week and has given me all the stuff to have the first lot of blood tests it was typical first test has to between day 1 and day 5 of cycle and I saw her on day 6! So gotta wait til Feb cycle hubby had sperm test day which is why I was the referred as originally my Dr said come back when you've been ttc for 18 months but in mean time get sperm test done then hubby Dr told him his sperm was the wrong shape so I should go back and ask for a referral my GP actually rung the lab turned out hubbys gp got it totally wrong hubbys was actually a very good sample so it's me who should be tested so not happy about the week of worry and hubby feeling useless!!

    I'm not sure how long it all takes so in the mean time we are doing all we can and hoping for the best
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